INSIDE every one of us there are signs of a universal essence, an unknown source of energy that produced the cosmos and all life therein, a vital and universal energy, invisible, but capable of giving life to matter. This belief is the foundation of my ideas and of my art, which seeks to make shine this divine spark which exist in everything.

My language leaves the mind free to perceive, beyond materiality, that barely perceptible line that stands between consciousness and unconsciousness. It encourages, inside ourselves, an awareness of that vital and universal energy, and leaves the mind free to find its sense of immortality and to discover again what is sacred in life. I hope my work can take the viewer out of himself, and place him in that sublime state called ecstasy.

When I was seven years old I wanted to invent a machine that would make dreams visible, because I believed that we were at our most creative during the night; perhaps it because we are most relaxed then, and when our mind is less attentive the subconscious can flow more freely. For are we not too formed from such stuff as dreams are made of?

I feel like an angel who has fallen to Earth. The things I create are works of art that belong to another dimension, reminiscent of another world. I would like my sculptures to speak the language of the soul, that they will have followed that true path from their heart that is purity, love and interior tranquillity. These are the paths that open new doors to the heart and help spiritual growth. I would like to speak the language of God. I would like to brush against the profundity of his soul, to rest among the fallen perfumed white flowers. To feel this spiritual energy is to feel ecstasy.

The beating of the heart is like love, an opening towards the infinite, towards mystery and internal freedom which is one of the most precious things a man can possess, acting to beautify his inner self. Beauty is not only external, but above all internal. Even suffering can add much to life. It can help us to understand many things, even if sometimes they are very hard to accept. Sometimes suffering has given birth to illumination, and of the pain there remains only a vague feeling. From birth onwards this understanding has its own wealth and vitality, as if bathed in a mystical light. I feel this when I am most alive. Long live Art that transmits something living through its observation. Long live Art that gives us energy.

When I create I feel alive and extremely fulfilled. I consider that the act of creation requires a combination of sensuality and spirituality. It is like simultaneously making love and praying. A work of art must contain everything and nothing, because all opposites are polar and so form only one thing, like life and death joined in one everlasting state: where one exists, the other exists too.

I would like to end these thoughts with a quotation from Carlos Castaneda: "Any path and there is no offence to oneself or to others in abandoning it, if this is what your heart tells you to do. Examine each path with thought and attention; question it any time that you feel necessary. Then ask yourself, and only yourself, one question. Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good. If it does not, it is good for nothing."