Cosmic - Marialuisa Tadei

The City Museum and Art Gallery of Ljubljana, Slovenia, the City Museum and Art Gallery of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, the Italian Cultural Institute, Ljubljana, and the Patrizia Poggi Gallery, Ravenna, are delighted to announce the opening of Cosmic, four linked exhibitions, curated by Brane Kovic, that feature the work of MariaLuisa Tadei.

At a time when debate about art is characterised by extreme fragmentation, when it seems that a coherent vision of the world and of humanity is no longer possible, MariaLuisa Tadei strives to convince us otherwise. The great sensitivity apparent in her work succeeds in bringing to life a sophisticated galaxy of imaginary worlds which open themselves up to our earthbound gaze.

Taking contemporary experience as her starting point, she tries to show us the problems that dog mankind, suspended as we are between the mundane and the transcendent, between the realm of feelings and that of the spirit.

The circle and the eye feature often in her work and have an important symbolic aspect.

The eye constitutes a link with the external world, has a decisive role in recognising objects and represents a type of window of the soul, an oculus dei, an example of that spirituality from which everything draws its origins and meaning.

Between visible and invisible realities, the apparent and the inexpressible, MariaLuisa Tadei moves with unusually light footsteps. In art that looks to the future there is room for both.

Cosmic X opens at the City Museum and Art Gallery, Ljubljana, on March 9 2004 and runs until March 31 (Mestri trg 5, Ljubljana; tel: +386 124770
Cosmic X1 opens at the Italian Cultural Institute, Ljubljana, on March 9 and runs until March 31 (Trg Kongresni 13, Ljubljana, tel: + 386 12415640
Cosmic Y opens at the City Museum and Art Gallery of Nova Gorica on March 10 2004 and runs until April 1 (Trg E. kardelja 5, Nova Gorica; +386 53330173
Cosmic Z opens at the Patrizia Poggi Gallery on April 9 2004 and runs until May 16 (Via Argentario 21, Ravenna; +39 0544 219898

MariaLuisa Tadei was born in Rimini, Italy, and studied art and art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, in Dusseldorf and at Goldsmiths College, London. Her work is featured in public collections in Germany, Holland and Britain and she has shown widely in Italy, Britain, France and Germany.